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I have been somewhat dissatisfied with the gallery that I had. It seems to work well as an album, but it does not make it easy to post daily photos, nor does it make it clear if something has been added. I am moving to a photo blog rather than an album, and it should be a better situation all around. There is a single photo on the main page, the most recent one. You can browse through the previous photos one at a time, or pick from an index. The link under pages will now take you to my photo blog. If you really miss the album gallery, I can make a link to that as well, but I do not think it will stick around.

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4 thoughts on “Moving the gallery”

  1. I love it! The new pictures are great, and I love the titles, ‘Don’t jump’ being my favorite. Thanks for posting Joy’s handiwork! I really wanted to see what she had made! Thanks!

  2. Thanks. Without pets of our own, we come to appreciate (adore?) those of our friends and family. Still pretty sure we don’t want our own, but love everyone else’s!

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