One of the joys of having elementary aged kids is the bugs they bring home from their classmates (or teachers, I guess). Ethan was out all last week with an awful cold. He is still trying to recover. I worked from home on Thursday to take care of him while B ran out to take care of some errands. That night I woke up at about 12:30 with a bad headache and congestion. I have been out of it since. Shoveling snow probably did not help, and that is the most likely cause of the backaches today. I was planning on roasting coffee this weekend…

On that topic, one of the things that B picked up while she was out was a Poppery! We have now spent about $25 total on roasting equipment. $19 for the dog bowl and heat gun, $3 each for the popcorn poppers. If this Poppery lives up to its reputation, it should produce good even roasts, and deposit all the chaff into a bowl. Nice!

[Edit:] It is a Poppery II, and it made good popcorn last night.

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5 thoughts on “Unclean!”

  1. Welcome to the world of the Poppery II! Yesterday I was a a friend’s place in Muskegon and discovered that she has a Poppery II. Hers did not have the butter tray above the chamber, had steeper sloped plastic around the chamber, and best of all, has a clear plastic lid. I want to trade her for that. Mine makes great coffee, but trying to see the color of the beans through a dark orange plastic makes it a little tricky. Hope yours has a clear one!

  2. Unfortunately it has the yellowy-orange plastic. I usually go by crack level and smoke anyway. Current popper (the bad one) I cannot look into either, so it is not a big deal.

  3. I don’t really use the cover because it’s hard to have the chute as well as the chimney in place. With a chimney, it will melt the chute. My chaff goes all over the outdoors. When I roast at work these days I pull a moveable vent (intended for welding) down over my roaster and it sucks all the heat, smoke and chaff away.

  4. It is true that I could try a method like this one, but I really like outputing into the butter bowl. With my Poppery II I generally get good results at 1/2 cup, so I’ve been slow to try modifying (why change what works?)

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