Mmmm, spam.

Google recently released a new RSS feature for gmail. It places a little box above your mail that has one of the feeds of your choice. I put all the family and friends blogs in there, and I can cycle through them to see if there are updates. It is a little klutzy because you only see one at a time, and it does not sort them based on updates or anything like that. Nice little feature, that I am sure will mature into something better. Then I went to my spam folder/area and I noticed there was a similar box, but instead of my feeds, it had feeds of spam recipes. Recipes for real food using SPAM. Interesting. I wonder how Hormel feels about having their SPAM that close to the bad spam…

I have also been trying out the “google home” feature that allows you to select content, very much like It is clean, just like all google interfaces, and it is easy to add content. What I wish it would do is allow you to control each content area and determine how much to show (ie. how many RSS posts, when they were last updated, and how many days of weather). I think that Yahoo is still way ahead in customizability (if that is a word, which it’s not), but then again, they have been at the portal thing for a very long time.

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  1. Well, you know Dad’s old joke, “Why did the Lord forbid the eating of pork?” “Because He knew it would lead to spam!”

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