simple question

Warning! Potential backlash ahead!

Why are they detainees, rather than prisoners of war?

Another, less simple question:

How can any American who grew up watching Rambo and other war movies that involve a foreign power torturing a US soldier think it is ok to do the same?

Next step up is a big one, and not simple at all:

Will our leaders be talked about in the same way that we talk about Hitler and Co.? (Fundamentalist Christian Leader promotes a system of government and uses force to spread a governmental doctrine.)

While I am not political in general, there are a few things that bother me about the way things are going. I really don’t like seeing a government that represents me debating whether or not it is ok to use coersion (torture), and the folks who wave the banner of faith and family also the ones who want to make sure we can cause pain and debasement to our (possible) enemies who have been captured. It seems…. very wrong.

That’s all.

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  1. The answer is that Americans are Christians, and that by applying this umbrella term to themselves, they are justified in whatever they do by the backing of moral correctness. Christians are a force for good, non-Christians (and non-Christian nations) are bad/evil, and the ends justify the means.

    If you put yourself in those shoes, it makes total sense. You don’t need to be so perplexed.

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