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Back in august we knew we would need a second vehicle. While I dislike and am somewhat opposed to the idea, the alternative was to move to closer to work, and we are not moving again for a while. We had specific requirements in mind, and had actually picked out a specific model as our top choice. H2. Just kidding, a Chevy Prizm. In August we could not find any that looked like a good purchase, nor could we find any other models on our list at reasonable prices, or good history. So we bought a truck. It was B’s dad’s truck, and it was running well. He upgraded to a Dakota Sport from the GMC Sonoma, and they offered it to us. It was not a 4 cylinder, the mpg was low, and it only fit 3 people. But it was a vehicle and we needed it. We used it until about a month ago, when we finally found a good Prizm. The truck sat outside our garage until last night when we sold it.

Now I can expect a new camera on Wednesday. I should have a good day or so to get used to it before taking it to Chicago for fun shots of family.

I have been planning for this camera for about a year now, and decided back in June on a Canon EOS Rebel XT. For a while I was considering a non-SLR, but what I was looking for was the control and clarity of my film camera, and the ability to take better natural light shots, including night shots. None of the prosumer cameras could do what I wanted well, and this will be a model to grow with.


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