poor boy

Today is EZ’s birthday. But he is sick with the flu. On a Saturday! Poor little guy.

I don’t remember many birthdays. I do remember my 5th, and my 13th. I am not sure I had any birthday parties other than those years. What I do remember is usually being sick on my birthday. Ah, yes, I remember my 9th birthday because I was horribly sick that year and I remember thinking about being sick on my birthdays. It is strange because I am rarely sick now, and I don’t remember being sick very often as a kid. Just on my birthday.

Ok, I am not the poor boy here, EZ is. We already had a small party with friends last week, and our family party is tomorrow, so hopefully he will not miss any of the things that matter to him.

It will be nice if all traces of this bug are gone before we head to Chicago next Friday…

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