seasons confection

All day yesterday we were teased with little dustings of seasonal sugar, but it all just blew away. The forecast said one to two inches by morning, but we were disappointed to find that had blown away too. There were a few patches of ice on the lake where the weeds kept the water relatively calm, and most roofs had a nice shake of white clinging against the wind. The kids were very excited, and it only escalated as we pulled into the parking lot at school and there ware very small piles that could actually be stomped in and scattered. We all hope that the rain has gone for good, and all future precipitation will be the soft whiteness that collects beautifully, and is synonymous with clean.

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  1. There is something so pristine and magical about snow. Some of my favorite memories while I was in Canada were when it snowed. Everything was so quiet and fresh and muted. I really miss that.

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