Mr. S Returns

I have had my little respite from the moors of Internet dialog/journaling. That was not the only reason for my temporary departure. I wanted to do other things for a while, including set up a gallery, read books, talk about other things with family, roast coffee, take pictures, setup other web sites, camp, and the like. I did those things, and I think I am ready to create a little room for blogging again.

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2 thoughts on “Mr. S Returns”

  1. Nice to see you posting, Mr. S. Hey, I was wondering, when you say that you set up a gallery, does that mean all the great pictures that you posted? Or did you set up a “real” gallery? Sorry for my ignerunce.

  2. Just that gallery that sat on my blog for a bit. B has this grand idea that she would like to actually do something with the photos that I have taken, like a gallery (in the real world), but I told her that it would have to be anonymous…
    Jackson is not yet known for it’s burgeoning art community, although there are a few life signs. They are turning an old armory into studio spaces, and beginning to do public art displays around town.

    I do like how you used blogger to post your work, including the pre-dating…

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