Some Co-operation

WARNING: Extreme geek sillyness directly ahead.

I have been using Linux as my OS of choice at home ever since I picked up a pretty good cast-off box from work for $25. It is a modest 1Ghz, with 384Mb Ram, and NVidia card (16Mb), and 40Gb drive. Really not too bad. Anyway, I run Fedora Core 4, and have all the usual programs that I am used to on Windows and OS X. I also have a 40Gb drive that has Windows 2000 on it that I have not really used much since… well… I think it was a well over a year ago that we had to give the loaner PC back to the Ballentines. I decided that I would like to at least have the option to play BG2 again someday, so I set about configuring dual boot. Last time I had tried this was in March, and it ended with the partitions confused, and no NTLDR. I had made it work before, so it was not to bad. Have to do some grub mapping magic to make Windows think it is still running on the primary drive, even when it isn’t. Egotistical OS.

An interesting thing happened. When I installed Fedora, all devices were detected and setup perfectly. When I popped Windows in, it choked on the integrated NIC and audio. I had to boot back into Linux to download the drivers for Windows. I remember doing the reverse not too long ago.

On a whim I looked into QEMU, and attempted to set it up. It actually started booting Windows, but hangs partway through the black and white boot screen. I will have to poke around some more. There is an accelerator driver, but QEMU would not compile correctly. I will leave that for another time. Or maybe I will try Xen. I have it installed at work… looks like the next version will work with Intel’s VT instructions to provide near native speeds. WithIntel (x86) chips being used for OS X , maybe it will not be long before I can run all three of my OSes on one piece of hardware. Not this current box, but maybe a cluster is in order…

Mr. S Returns

I have had my little respite from the moors of Internet dialog/journaling. That was not the only reason for my temporary departure. I wanted to do other things for a while, including set up a gallery, read books, talk about other things with family, roast coffee, take pictures, setup other web sites, camp, and the like. I did those things, and I think I am ready to create a little room for blogging again.