Playing ketchup

It has been a long while…

In the last 2 months the following has happened:

Ethan broke his arm (again)
Brother Peter became involved in a serious relationship
Sister in law Amanda became involved in a serious relationship
Both became engaged… to eachother
The weather started acting right and it became warmer
Ariana hit double digits (that would be 10)
Traveled to IL to visit Nathan and Carol in Aurora
The Boat entered the water and now sits happily next to a fixed-up dock
Brother in law Matthew payed a visit
Ran into high school roomate Bart and his family and helped them pack to leave this town
Bought cell phones (against my will, Papa, against my will!)
B traveled to SoCal to visit and tie up loose ends (oh when will she return?)
Installed Tiger
Chatted with our friend Robert from PI who we have not heard from in ages.
Parents visited… twice enroute to PA, CA, OR.
Despite his recent engagement, Peter headed off to Cambodia for a year.
I turned 30
First camping trip in a very very long time