A while back someone recommended I take up Ruby as my programming language of choice, and I thought I would have a look around. I did, and some of it interested me, and I tinkered but never really got into it. I wish I had known about Why’s Poignant Guide back then. Even if you have absolutely no interest in programming, or Ruby, it is a silly and hilarious adventure that just might get you to write a program or two.

I really do like Ruby, but have just never gotten into programming much. Scripting I have done now and again, but nothing too big. I think I will give Ruby another go…

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Winter made a hasty departure, and spring arrived with an early summer day. A few days into the season there was a day where spring rose to the occasion and gave us a beautiful warm 70ยบ. The day before the lake was still covered
in ice. We have shed our coats in favor of warm sweaters. We missed the fall last year, but this is a close second favorite. The sky is clear and beautiful in the mornings and evenings, casting subtle gradients mirrored on the lake. Things are growing, and the green is taking back the earth, while the evergreens laugh as the hope they pronounced every short day of winter
finally comes. The silent snow of last month has been melted by the passionate sounds of spring birds, newly arrived from southern vacation homes, chattering about their travels and flirting with new found mates.