Today was the official release of WordPress 1.5, and of course I could not just let it go without upgrading. Actually, when I started the upgrade I did not know that the announcement had only been out for about an hour. The upgrade process as documented in the wiki is pretty drastic. After a full database backup and deletion of all existing files, I uploaded the new stuff. It did not work. I tried this and I tried that, but all that was coming up was garbage. A tip to fellow Ftpers everywhere, check to make sure you upload PHP files as ASCII and image files as binary. I know, it is a silly mistake, but I still made it. Then there was the trouble with my template, and I found that I was using an outdated index.php file. I deleted it and stuck in the new one, and it looked better. I still wanted my own image for the header, but even though it was there before, and I copied it over to the new theme folder, it was not showing up. First I found that the image that I had used was corrupted (somehow), and then I found that the new default theme, based on Kubrick, has the personal header image commented out. Once I took care of that, every thing was fine. Whew! It still took about an hour or so to do the upgrade, but I was feeling a bit tense there (“Ethan, stop asking me what that marker is for!”).

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