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Some of you will be unhappy to know that I am running that other OS in our house again, after a break of seven months or so. Although I like Linux, and would love to use it daily, the amount of frustration in sharing things over the network (with OS X) and using a shared printer, was just too much for daily use when I do have other options that are easy for me. The problem was as much with OS X as it was with Linux, but I am not quite ready to trash our iMac workhorse, and I know that I can make that other OS do just about anything want it to. All that said, it still took me all day yesterday to get my computer to print to our Samsung ML-1740 connected to the iMac via USB. The solution invloved CUPS, Gimp-print, and ignoring messages that say “Accss denied”. In the end the most help came from MacOSXHints.com. Any of you ambi-OS-terous folks out there have some advice for running OS X, Linux and Windows on the same network and sharing everything in between? Just to calm some of you, I had another hard drive with that other OS already installed, and I simply added an entry in Grub to allow me to boot to it. My Linux install is alive and well, and I will just switch back and forth. I do have all my general tools installed in both places, so the transition is not that hard.

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  1. Well, that is sad.

    I’ve heard CUPS is a nightmare. It’s cited as one of the best examples of how OSS programmers don’t understand what a good user interface is. I’ve had much better luck with things like JetDirect that let you print without USB connections. Luckily I just don’t have to print very often. (The digital world is so convenient!)

  2. I have never heard of a Samsung printer before; that may be part of your problem. My solution involves, at the very least, 10.4 ($129) and SharePoints (Free). A more adventurous and ambitious approach involves the use of a $200-on-eBay G4 Cube as a file server.

    You know you’d rather spend money on hardware than go back to .. horse poop in software form.

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