Soar or sore

Last Thursday I finally had a chance to find out if my skateboarding skills transfer well to snowboarding. They don’t. At least, that is my assessment based on that one day of attempts. Glenn (B’s Dad), Amanda (B’s sister) and I got up early and headed for Cadillac, north of Grand Rapids. Amanda drove, and despite a wrong non-turn (not her fault), and breakfast, we arrived just after they opened at 10am. It seems to me that skateboarding is a little more controlled, and directional. You steer with your front foot, and there is usually pretty good traction. When I attempted to apply these facts to snowboarding, I quickly became sore and dazed. In snowboarding you steer with your back foot, and you have to create the traction with the edge of the board by actually swinging your back foot around. Near the end of the day I had stopped falling down, and could use the heel-edge to do all the steering I needed (I am goofy, so that means I could only steer right). I even started going a bit faster, knowing that I had the skill to at least slow down. That point in the day was relatively fun. Soon after that I must have become fatigued, because I started falling down again about three times a run. I decided that I was done, and we were close to leaving anyway. Glenn drove to the Chinese place in Claire where we had dinner, and I drove home from there. We were all tired, but Amanda and I were both very sore. The soreness lasted another 3 days for me, and I had pain everywhere. This tells me something very important… I need to get off my rear-end more often, and get more exercise.

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  1. sounds like fun… surprisingly, I’ve never connected my skate with my snow. I’ll have to try it sometime.

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