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These last few weeks have been grand. Really they have. Down comforter, flannel sheets, and a good thermostat keep us toasty inside; piles of snow, a park next door, and a frozen lake keep us excited to go out. Our front door looks out over the dock and across the lake, while the brave squirrels leap maple whip limbs several meters above our heads, and the not so brave leave coward tracks tree to tree.

Our house is our home. This is a good feeling. We do not have much to put into our house, but it is a home anyway or despite. Over the last few weeks we have been blessed by the kindness of our church here, and on Sunday they threw us a “grocery shower” and luncheon. Our cup runs over, and our pantry too. It is funny to have so much food in the house because we would have had trouble finding room for it in our house in Manila. They have also provided meals (J. Munn makes great beef stew!), furniture and even this computer (which runs Linux, but that is for another post). We feel spoiled, and will be looking for ways to give back. I prefer the giving end as it is not so humbling.

In other events, I started doing contract work today. It is supposed to be a 5 day contract, but the amount of work was enough for one day, or maybe one and a half. I will see how that works out. I am still not sure if they overestimated the amount of work, or underestimated the ease of the work. It was quiet, I had a Gentoo Linux system with a 19″ LCD to work on. It-was-fun. Yes, actually fun. I have not ever had that much time and lack of noise to spend on being focused. And the screen was nice, very nice. I wonder what I will do tomorrow when I go in. For those who wonder what I am actually doing, I am producing/creating content for a specialties product website built with Plone. I set up an intranet using Plone while I was at Faith and thought it was a great system, never mind that it was never used.

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