Expected arrival

We are here (there), and have suffered only from twisted sleep patterns. We arrived at 820am yesterday, and by 230pm I could hardly stand, and ended up crashing into bed. We slept off and on, and I was up at about 4am till 530, and then went back to bed. We all got up at 1115am, thinking it was quite a bit earlier than it was. Actually, I am also suffering from worn clothes, as my carry-on is locked in the trunk of the car we are borrowing. I used the key to try and unlock the trunk, but ended up making it permenantly locked instead. We will call AAA or something a little later. Only my stuff is locked in, so the rest of the family are dressed in nice untravelled clothes.

The trip went well, and the typhoon had moved far enough away to allow us to leave, although it was still raining pretty hard when we loaded our stuff into the taxi at 430am. The taxi with the boxes drove very slow, even though there was hardly anyone on the road. At the airport we paid the excess baggage fee for our one extra bag, and then they offered to check all our carry-ons for free since we had already paid the excess fee. That was great! The fee was $200, which we anticipated, but what we did not expect was the gift of $200 from the Williams the day before. God knows what we need, and it is wonderful to see Him provide. Thank you God and Dave!

We are staying with our friends David and Jennifer, and they have a nice big backyard. The kids are enjoying the play space after our little townhouse. It is chilly for us at 70 F in the daytime! A cold night for us in Manila was 78 F. We are not used to wearing warm PJs either, and the kids feel like they are always fully dressed. Ethan is used to sleeping in his boxers alone without any covering like a sheet or blanket. His bedding needed changing regularly because of all the sweat in the night.