Arco- is not fossil fuel; Santi- is not about clean

As I begin looking at organizations in Arizona that interest me, I have run across a very interesting place called Acrosanti. B and I have an increasing interest in sustainability, or living in a way that leaves little impact on the world around us. It is about stewardship and a value of creation. So, I have been looking around Phoenix for companies or organizations who have taken this perspective. One of the ones that popped up was this Arcosanti project. It seems to be a community built around the ideas of Paolo Soleri. He is an architect that trained with Wright, and has been building this alternative to urban sprawl for the last 30 years. “Arcosanti aims to rise to an eventual 25 stories and house 215 people per acre (New York City averages just 33 per acre)” It is only about 5% completed, and Soleri is in his 80s…. At first glance it looks like an interesting place to work and a worthy project, but after looking around the site and doing some searching, I am not sure if anyone other than Soleri quite understands what the project is about. He has taken many terms and redefined them according to his own purposes, including such terms as grace, animism, resurrection, being, theology, creation, and self. It is all a bit confusing, and I can understand why more people are not jumping on to his wagon. The aims of the project are noble, I admit, and that attracts me, but the philosophy is too close to a new religion for my tastes. They do have an opening for a Network Manager, but I am not sure I can stomach the 5-weeks of workshop if it contains stuff like this.

More here from 1995.

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  1. Do you remember those arcos in sim city 2000? now we know where they came from.

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