a month and a half later…

school is in full swing, and we are through the normal hell that is school I.T. during the first month or so. Our workload is getting down to a level that is only considered ‘behind’ and not ‘snowed in’. Now we can fit in some projects, and the one we are working on now is implementing wireless to certain points off-campus. No more detail than that at this point. It is very interesting to find that wireless is rather inexpensive, if you are willing to do things yourself, like make the antenna.

In the cooking arena, we have not been doing too much. During a visit from sister A and her fiance in mid-August, I made my chili, which I have not made for over a year I think. Although I knew that she had been vegan, I was not sure what the latest was. Reports said that she was a regular omnivore these days, and I thought beef would be OK. She ate (and enjoyed I think) my chunky beef chili, but it was the first time she had beef in a long, long time. Later she was not feeling well, and I was a little worried. Seems that it turned out to be amoeba, so that is a relief. Not that I am glad that it was amoeba (which is a very awful thing to get), but I am glad that my cooking did not cause any suffering. I am sure you understand.

Speaking of cooking… I ran across cookingforengineers.com which sports a very nice format for recipes. I am a minimalist, and this appeals to my desire to do less to get the same results. Bethany also likes this, as she is an organizer supreme. This means that she can fit more recipes into her little black book, and can get rid of all those useless pronouns and adjectives that recipes usually contain.

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  1. 😀 I like the file format too. I like to read narratives and descriptions for idle fun, but when doing the actual cooking, I prefer the stripped down version.

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