Day out with Dad

Well, I have begun my official vacation. How am I spending it? With the kids of course. B is in town proctering an exam, and I am hauling the kids around running errands and paying bills. It is not so bad. We are using a friends car as today is their no-drive-day, and they have ours in town. They happen to have a car with a much more powerful AC (Air Conditioner), and more comfortable seats. I feel a bit bad for them because they have traffic to fight in the afternoon, and a puny-weak-lukewark AC to accompany them. Like I said, the errands are not so bad. We headed out at about 9:15 to go to the bank only to find that our bank is “off-line”. Found another one and did our business, and then went to yet another bank to deposit our rent. As I was getting out of the car to go in to pay the rent I got a text (SMS), but I did not look at it till I returned. It was from our landlord, asking about our rent. That is not so strange, except that we only hear from him every 6 months or so. Also strange because I was right in the middle of actually paying rent. Anyway… I then realized that I had forgotten the phone bill that is due. We drove home and I decided to pay our association dues first. Henry, who runs the association, is also a former guard of the Faith Academy dorms, and now a friend. I don’t see much of him any more because our neighborhood Bible study has dissolved. We chatted a bit, I payed my dues, and then we were off again. I payed the phone bill, and by then it was getting close to lunch time so we drove through BK and spent less than 180 pesos (about $3) on a whopper jr. w/cheese meal and 2 BK Savers ham and cheese meals. Then we stopped at a coffee shop and I had a 50 peso ‘long black’ (americano), before heading home. Now we will probably watch a VCD and turn on the AC. According to it is 91 but feels like 100.

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