Look, Kids!

I realized that we have not posted pictures of the kids in a while, and while they don’t seem to care, the relatives do.

I thought I would make a goatee and mustache for Ethan out of paper one rainy day. He enjoyed it and began honing his dramatic skills. I asked him for an angry face, but the first attempt seemed weak. I told him to put his eyebrows into it and viola!

I then asked for surprised. I think he is off to a good start…

Ariana did have a birthday at the end of May, and she did have a party. We decided to take her and her friends out to a restaurant and let them pick from the kids menu. We also took them to a coffee shop and they ordered tea.

They were very excited about the tea. Not because they like tea, but because it came in great bug catchers (yes, paper cups with lids). They were all sweaty because they had PE just before they come for the party, and then our AC (air conditioner) did not hold up well in traffic. At some point kids depart from kiddom and become guys and girls. Then they will notice that they stink, won’t be more interested in bugs than clothes, and may even like tea. But I can wait. Kids are fun!

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