What a load of craft!

It is summer vacation. The kids are home ALL DAY and our pre-summer peaceful existence is over! In my desperate attempt to find activities for them to do so they will stop fighting with each other I pulled out a book of crafts. Each page has pictures printed on card stock that can be punched out, folded, and glued into something semi-3-dimensional. Somewhere in my telling the kids about this craft book, Ethan translated “craft” into “crap”. I can’t bear to correct him since it has provided me with days of amusement listening to him say things like, “Mom, look at my crap!” and “Can you help me with this crap?” and “Can I make another crap?” Since the finished crafts only last a few minutes until they fall apart, I guess he has made an accurate assessment!

2 thoughts on “What a load of craft!”

  1. boy, am I glad I found your updated blog! I needed the laugh! Carol

  2. :wink:Remember that p and f are interchangeable in Pilipino? Maybe his year at pre-school has “helped” him to not hear the difference. I love it! Can’t wait to do “craps” with my grandson.

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