Did I win?

Last week I received an email form my grandpa, and among other things he mentioned an A&W writing contest to win a getaway home, commenting that it would be the sort of thing we could do well. This week we receive the details. He sent us the junk-mail that includes a spattering of details. So we thought “Why not?” The piece asks for a memory making experience in your (future) new home, in 50 words or less. So I started working on it. I wrote a short little thing that I thought sounded good and conveyed a great future memory. I counted the words. Close to 100. Hmmm… I start honing it down. After 20 minutes of work I realize this is a very hard thing to do. I call in B and she helps me take out extraneous pronouns etc. This is what I had:

The summer evening cools. Pushing away from the table we lounge, conversations continue, and kids run in and out laughing and squealing with joy. Someone calls from the kitchen “Anyone for a root beer float?” My brother next to me immediately responds, “Is it A&W?” “Of course!”

Enough to give setting, atmosphere, and include the A&W plug. We had to wait till the next day because we were not online at home. When I got to work I looked up the details. Apparently a “getaway” house is a second home within 300 miles of the home you already own. Not sure what we would find within 300 miles of La Habra for $200,000, and we do not even own a porta-potty. Also found out that 10 entries are picked, given a year supply of root beer, a DV camera and are expected to record and submit a video of the future memory. These are then voted on by the general public and the winner gets the home. If you win, you are then expected to become A&W’s employee for a year, traveling around the US promoting that unhealthy sugar water that only tastes good with that unhealthy sweet creamed foam we call ice cream. I guess the pay is not too bad: $88,000.

I can’t believe I wasted 30 minutes on those 50 words, and another 20 finding out that you have to own a home, live close to family, reside within the US, and be willing to be A&W spokesperson for a year. I don’t blame you grandpa, just the junk mail that was very slim on details. I did wonder what happened to the coupon it said was inside…

If anyone wants to use the above entry, I give up all my copyrights to it, on the condition that you give me the camera if you win the house.

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