Having made it enough times that I am pretty sure I know how to do it, I made hummus without a recipe. Normally when making something I will try to get all the stuff ready and then begin the making part. But when I made hummus last night, I just started. I began by toasting the sesame seeds because I thought it would taste better (which it did). Tahini is very expensive here so we just use sesame seeds and try to grind them first. Sesame seeds do not grind very well. They just sort of fly around in the food processor. If you add oil or water to keep them down, they then just stick all over the inside of the food processor. So use a mortar and pestle like I did not do. Adding in the chickpeas, olive oil and water was trouble-free, but we had run out of lemon/kalamansi juice, and the garlic was kind of old and shriveled. I used the garlic any way, but was not about to substitute vinegar for lemon. B found some lemon pepper seasoning that was given to us when a coworker left the country. I hesitated, tasted the hummus, smelled the seasoning, tasted the seasoning, and then dumped some in. There were black specks in the hummus now from the pepper, but it tasted more or less OK. Actually, the toasting of the sesame made it taste great, and in a pinch I would grab the lemon pepper without even thinking about it.

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