MoreBlogMozilla 1.6b
I have been trying out Mozilla again lately.  I tried it a while back, but it was still too much like Netscape, and I was not thrilled with Netscape at the time.  Since then I have used Firebird, the Mozilla standalone browser code fork (funny term), and have enjoyed the experience for the most part.  I love the tabbed browsing, and I like all the extensions that are available.  In particular I like NewsMonster, a news aggregator that is embedded in the browser.  Next step is to try MozBlog, an extension that adds blog capabilities to the browser.  That will allow me to use my browser interface, even if I am offline (I hope).  This particular entry is being written and posted through MozBlog.  I like this browser so far, so maybe this will be a lasting relationship.  Just a note: Mozilla is available for most platforms so this qualifies as another OS X blog app, although I use it at work on Windows 2000.

Notable MozBlog feature: Drag and Drop images.  Set up the FTP server settings and you can just drag images from a web page or elsewhere into your blog.  Nice. It should be noted that insterting an image from a web page in this fashion also inserts all the attributes of the image, including link and source. This means that you can drag a link to Mozilla into your post, but the ‘src’ attribute will be pointing to the original location of the image, not to a file on your server. In the same way, if the image was a link on the page, it will become a link in your post, with the same destination as the original.