This post is from another Java client called thinblog. It is a very small and very simple app that does only the basics. I can see how it can be useful to have because it is a very small application and is cross platform. It does not have any features other than that. You can post to your blog, but any formatting must be done using HTML. It looks like it has future support for titles and links, but from what I can see, there is not much else.

Addendum to Blog stuff: This is being written and posted via Chronicle Lite, a java based blog client that has many features. I am still testing it, but so far it is looking good. It seems to meet most of my requirements and includes some features besides. The main thing that is lacking is the ability to easily upload images, and include them in posts.  You can drag an image into your post from a web page and it will create the tags, but you still have to upload the image to your site.  It also uses the same tag as was used in the original page, so many attributes may still need to be changed.  Still waiting….