My Doom!
This has been an interesting week as we fight off the hordes of Novarg Marauders clambering at our gates.  170+ have been slaughtered, and we are prepared for those yet to come.  We have had to enact marshal law and close down some public services.  The citizens are not too happy but seem understanding.  We are also bolstering internal security across the board, just to provide for the slim chance that our defenses are bypassed.  We hear that the onslaught will not last much longer, but we are prepared to hold out.  How are others faring under the bombardment?  Let’s hear your tales of war, heroism and woe.

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Wine, Bread and Cheese!Mmmm.  This is my kind of meal!  Our diet of whole foods generally means tastiness, and bread wine and cheese are up there on my list of good eating, even if I cannot actually have all of them.

MoreBlogMozilla 1.6b
I have been trying out Mozilla again lately.  I tried it a while back, but it was still too much like Netscape, and I was not thrilled with Netscape at the time.  Since then I have used Firebird, the Mozilla standalone browser code fork (funny term), and have enjoyed the experience for the most part.  I love the tabbed browsing, and I like all the extensions that are available.  In particular I like NewsMonster, a news aggregator that is embedded in the browser.  Next step is to try MozBlog, an extension that adds blog capabilities to the browser.  That will allow me to use my browser interface, even if I am offline (I hope).  This particular entry is being written and posted through MozBlog.  I like this browser so far, so maybe this will be a lasting relationship.  Just a note: Mozilla is available for most platforms so this qualifies as another OS X blog app, although I use it at work on Windows 2000.

Notable MozBlog feature: Drag and Drop images.  Set up the FTP server settings and you can just drag images from a web page or elsewhere into your blog.  Nice. It should be noted that insterting an image from a web page in this fashion also inserts all the attributes of the image, including link and source. This means that you can drag a link to Mozilla into your post, but the ‘src’ attribute will be pointing to the original location of the image, not to a file on your server. In the same way, if the image was a link on the page, it will become a link in your post, with the same destination as the original.

This post is from another Java client called thinblog. It is a very small and very simple app that does only the basics. I can see how it can be useful to have because it is a very small application and is cross platform. It does not have any features other than that. You can post to your blog, but any formatting must be done using HTML. It looks like it has future support for titles and links, but from what I can see, there is not much else.

Addendum to Blog stuff: This is being written and posted via Chronicle Lite, a java based blog client that has many features. I am still testing it, but so far it is looking good. It seems to meet most of my requirements and includes some features besides. The main thing that is lacking is the ability to easily upload images, and include them in posts.  You can drag an image into your post from a web page and it will create the tags, but you still have to upload the image to your site.  It also uses the same tag as was used in the original page, so many attributes may still need to be changed.  Still waiting….

Bloggin’ with Jaguar
This entry is for Brother Nate, and any other new bloggers who are looking for some good OS X blogging tools. I have acquired the use of an iMac for a while and I am trying to do everything that I am used to doing on a PC on this Mac. So I have looked for all my favorite programs to see which ones have been ported to OS X, preferably using Carbon. On the way I took a detour and looked for blogging apps. Here I will list what I have found. The first thing I found was only a script, but it allowed me to write my blog anywhere, in any program and then copy it and choose BlogScript from my scripts menu. This was OK, but I really prefer to use a client that would allow me to add tags easily and would help me out by storing multiple blog accounts so that B could also use it with minimal effort. Next app I looked at was Archipelago, but I was never able to get beyond the setup for some reason. It required me to know more than newbie info about (ie. APIs and RPC settings), and did not allow me to store multiple accounts easily. This is not what deterred me, it was the fact that it never connected with Next stop: Weblog Poster. This is the first app that I actually published from, and it is usable. It is adequate, but still lacks features. Then came BlogApp which almost won me over, but I sighed when I found that I could not edit previous posts (feature is there, but details are being worked out with blogger API, and therefore it gives an error), and it is shareware ($6). The interface itself is very simple and includes a way to upload images via FTP so that they can be posted within your blog (still requires the use of the IMG tag). It does include a tool for formatting your post in the form of a drop-down menu that lists HTML tags that can be inserted. The menu can be customized, but to do that you would have to learn HTML. So far this app seemed to be the best, except for the silly editing issue with previous posts. This one by far has the most features. There is another that I should mention, although I have not yet tried it (I will try it as soon as I can get it home). It is BlogWorks and it looks promising. It is also simple and seems to only have a few options, but it is scriptable and comes with at least one script that allows posting from clipboard. As I was looking at the site I noticed another called iBlog (hmmm, familiar ring) that I will check out now. It is by the same author as BlogWorks (no wonder I found it from the BlogWorks site), but it is much smaller, and is in active development. I will try that one too. And one more: Frequency. Another shareware ($9) app but looks like it has many features. I will also try this one. Well, it looks like I was not quite ready to post as I had not found several good options yet. I am excited that I now have more software to test. Yehey!

Another app I found posts images to a blog from iPhoto, and appropriately is called iPhoto2Weblog. It is still in the beta stage, but may work. Like Archipelago it requires you to enter more technical information, but does not offer much help in explaining where to find the information needed. It actually looks like it only works with MovableType so far, so we can just wait and hope that blogger support makes it onto the list.