I have leapt into the world of video conferencing! I have a Creative WebCam from Brother Dave, and I use MSN Messenger. The Business Administrator came and asked me about my camera because he wanted to set one up so his wife could talk to her father. So I told him how it was set up, and told him that it should work well via Messenger. Next he was asking about speakers and microphones, and he went out and got those. Then he needed to do some testing, to make sure everything works, and I helped him by answering his calls. Now, if he wants to talk to me he checks to see if I am logged on and then just calls me from his office. He IS my boss, has every reason to have daily conversations with me, and I enjoy the connective use of technology.

?New! If you have not noticed yet, I have changed the main page of our site to be more bloggish, and added some peripheral content. I also removed all the pictures from the front page, but hope to replace some of them again soon. Right now all the peripheral stuff relates specifically to me because I am the one who maintains the site. Once B gets more involved in it (??!!) she will be able to be represented there as well.