August 12

Thou art my knowledge and my memory,
No less than my real, deeper life, my love.
I will not fool, degrade myself to trust
In less than that which maketh me say Me,
In less than that causing itself to be.
Thou art within me, behind, beneath, above-
I will be thine because I may and must.

-George Macdonald
Diary of an Old Soul

This is my Mom’s book, that I borrowed (ahem) a few years ago. Thanks Mom.

Summer Vacation
We did not really have one, but the school did. We have started a new year, and in new roles. I am finally wearing only one hat, and trying to make sure it is not too big. Computer Services has done merely OK without a head; it is the rest of the school that has gone down hill. My users now have bad habits, and sometimes bad attitudes. Because there was not a system in place for submitting and prioritizing work orders, my users have grown accustomed to calling, and sometimes harassing, to get to the front of the cheque. So I am happy to be back, and happy to be keeping things orderly, and unhappy to see how things were. So far I have set up a web-based ticket system, made my employees inaccessible, and am on the verge of taking over both the department extensions so that all phone requests are met with my (apparently) soothing voice. This will not last forever, but it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, right?