What does music taste like? I have always responded to the question “what music do you listen to?” with a “not country”. Recently I have found SomaFM which streams several types of music, including some genres that I like. Well, today I noticed a stream called Boot Liquor that calls itself American Roots music. This is country, and I like it. WHAT? Yes, I like it, but don’t tell Bethany. Not only do I like it, I found I actually own some of the music they play. It is not pop-country, but gritty country, witty at times, and never a dance beat is heard. The references to alcohol are mostly humorous, and are in deep contrast to current music trends, although the resulting behavior is the same. The music itself is great! I still am in shock that I enjoy it. Never has music caused this much inner turmoil. Will I like Rap next? And then what, Heavy Metal? Lord spare me!