Cursed with coffee Bethany and I had our night off and I made the mistake of drinking a 16oz latte at around 7:00pm. I probably would have been fine, but we had purchased ‘Serendipity’ and we watched it when we got home. That movie, and the traffic on the way home, pumped enough adrenalin into my system to keep me tense for quite a while. The movie was interesting, but I found it hard to deal with the tension with the caffeine inhibiting the reabsorbtion of the adrenaline. I have gone to bed, and I think I may have been asleep, but Ethan woke me up crying about monsters. I told him that the only monsters here were Mom and I, and that we only give kisses and hugs. He went back to bed, but I could not.

Our address book is in shambles. We have a couple letters to send out to people, but we are not even sure which addresses are good anymore. We have lost all updates from 9/01 through 7/02. That is quite a lot. It means that we do not have all the email addresses for all of you, and you may not hear from us. If you read this, please either send us a note to let us know what your email address is, or use theWire link on our main page

One Ring to… …bind them We took all the guys to see Two Towers on Saturday (some on Tuesday). I was rather impressed. It was very enjoyable, and I thought the characters were well developed. Smeagol was very well done, as was the rift in his soul. Very exciting. The guys loved it, and the quotes are now never-ending. It has unified the dorm in many ways. Usually there is a separation of normal kids and the sedentary kids. The normals participate in a wide variety of activities and converse on a wide variety of topics. Those in the sedentary group tend to avoid physical activity, and this results in limited involvement centered around computers or books. The sedentary conversation sticks pretty close to technical debates, Star Wars, and a number of other obscure fantasy worlds. Since everyone has seen the LotR movies now, there is a common ground of excitement and adventure; a fantasy world that all can enter and relate to together.

“What happens to hobbit and elf spirits when they die?”
“Is there a God in Middle Earth? Or is an atheistic world?”
“What happened to all the hobbits and elves? Where did they go?”
“Is Middle Earth the same as Earth?”
“Can an elf choose to be mortal?”
“Do elves ever get sick?”
“Did God create Middle Earth?”
“Would the kid of an elf and a man be immortal?”
“Isn’t immortality a curse?”
“Why isn’t there magic anymore?”