Interesting find today. We use Alt-N’s MDaemon for our email server and have been very impressed. Today I find I was impressed by the tires of a Porsche. We have been using only the most basic of the features. Now I know what we have been paying for, and have not been using. There is a feature called WorldClient that is the built in web server for browser-based email. That is good, and I knew it was there. What I had not done was look at it. With the World client there are colaboration functions, including shared calendars, corporate IM, and message filtering. It really is one of the most impressive browser email/groupware clients I have seen. Not that I have seen any others. How long have we had this software? Oh, for around 3 years.

What will we do next year? Good question. We have been asked, and our answer is a consistant “We don’t know”. Jeff Long, the Director of Personnel has asked what positions we should be looking to fill, computer services, or boarding. We have said look to fill both, and we will see what happens.

Why is our current situation ideal? Yes, we think it is. Bethany and I both love being in the dorm, and we see a future in boarding. I still carry a vision for Computer Services, and very much want to see things improved. If I am full time in Computer Services, it is difficult to get away from the daily work processing, and what the department desperately needs is direction and planning, the part I love. So, if I can spend most of my time in the dorm, and still do the planning and direction for Computer Services, that is the ideal job. The problem is balance. How much do I need to do in the dorm, how much can I not do in Computer Services?