Interesting find today. We use Alt-N’s MDaemon for our email server and have been very impressed. Today I find I was impressed by the tires of a Porsche. We have been using only the most basic of the features. Now I know what we have been paying for, and have not been using. There is a feature called WorldClient that is the built in web server for browser-based email. That is good, and I knew it was there. What I had not done was look at it. With the World client there are colaboration functions, including shared calendars, corporate IM, and message filtering. It really is one of the most impressive browser email/groupware clients I have seen. Not that I have seen any others. How long have we had this software? Oh, for around 3 years.

What will we do next year? Good question. We have been asked, and our answer is a consistant “We don’t know”. Jeff Long, the Director of Personnel has asked what positions we should be looking to fill, computer services, or boarding. We have said look to fill both, and we will see what happens.

Why is our current situation ideal? Yes, we think it is. Bethany and I both love being in the dorm, and we see a future in boarding. I still carry a vision for Computer Services, and very much want to see things improved. If I am full time in Computer Services, it is difficult to get away from the daily work processing, and what the department desperately needs is direction and planning, the part I love. So, if I can spend most of my time in the dorm, and still do the planning and direction for Computer Services, that is the ideal job. The problem is balance. How much do I need to do in the dorm, how much can I not do in Computer Services?

Steve the REAL child genius!

Let me tell you about Steve. That may or may not be his real name, but I will use it for now. He is 8th grader here in our dorm. He is probably the closest thing to genius-child I have ever known, but he is also one of the most annoying humans I have ever encountered. Steve rarely participates in sports activities, but he is the only one to have beaten Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, along with all the other computer games we have here in the dorm. Does he know he is smart? Does he let anyone else forget it? Last night after watching the Truman Show, he decided that the universe revolved around him, and that we were all merely actors on his stage of life. Wanting to prove his point he promised he would jump out one of the upstairs windows, certain that a net or some other safety device would keep him from harm. Today he did it, only he proved it all a ruse by leaping from the window onto the balcony and took a fall of 4 feet. Somehow he still hurt himself.

I have finally released our new site, with a Typo3 backend. I have put the new-ish type items on the front page where they are easy to find, and have stripped away the rest of the pages except for links to this blog and Ang Balita, our family blog. I will put a new theWire signup page, that adds you to a database, and makes it much easier for us to communicate with all of you. We have lost our mailing list many times these last 15 months, and right now we are working off one from last September (9/01). Yeah, pretty old. We have sent out some newsletters in the lst few weeks, but if you have not recieved one, sign up again. I will also put up a form for contacting us so that if you happen to be on our site you can send us a note.

I changed to a new blogging client today. I am trying out w.bloggar. I seems to have far more features than blogbuddy, which I was using before. Anyway, it does not really matter much to you, as you just see what I post, if and when I post.