It is time I checked in… B and I have taken on 16 boys as our own this quarter. We are filling in as boarding home parents, and enjoying it. I am also running Computer Services, so my days are full. Our guys are 6th-9th grade, and seem to be able to maintain a high level of energy. I have never thought of myself as high energy, but I think that I am finding that I have good mileage. You might compare them with street cars. They get pretty good mileage, and can race around at high speeds, trying to impress each other and bystanders, but their speed uses a lot of gas . I am an old Honda. I can’t go that fast anymore, I really never really did, but I get better mileage simply because I do not rev my engine as much or carelessly waste RPMs.

I have had to pull out of much of the ‘hands-on’ work, and have been doing more managing. In general this is good, as that is the function of my position, but it means that I am not getting out there and making connections with people about their problems. I like the interaction and the relationship that evolves through providing service, but I do not get much of that anymore.

I am starting a subtle move towards OOo (, away from the expensive bondage that Microsoft provides. I don’t mind MS Office, and I actually like it most of the time, but it is really expensive. The wind that blows the sails of the boat of change is the 50 laptops that were donated to the school. I am harnessing that energy to test out OOo. If you want to use a laptop, you will have to use this office suite. Those on the forefront of technology, who have requested the use of the laptops, will be the first to embrace our new software friend.

We have some terrific weather here. Actually, maybe ‘terrorific’ would be a better term. The school is upon a hill, and we are now in the middle of ‘Bagio’ (storm) season. Electrical storms rush in, drop a bushel of lightning bolts on us and then pass on. I am finding out that lighting can just hit nearby to take out systems. We have had several instances of dead modems or network cards from a strike well over 100 feet away on a tree. Last night there was a doozy, and it ate the mail server modem. I enjoy the storms in an aesthetic way, but dread the results.

B and I get one day off a week, and this week we went and tried a mediteranian place in one of the numerous malls. We both had gyros (chicken for her, lamb for him) for about $2 each and a platter of 4 appetizers (hummus, marinated olives, falafel, and spicey meatballs) for $3. It was a very good meal, although my sinuses were clogged and it did not taste as good as it could have. I had to convert those prices just now, because we are out of the habit. When we sat down and looked at the menu we thought it looked rather pricey, and it is compared to how we normally eat. But when we compare it with eating at McD’s in the US, it is quite cheap, and tastes much better. Probably more healthy as well.

All for now….