More on Keirkegaard After more thought and reading on the subject of Existentialism and the writings for Keirkegaard (referred to here as K), I have seen difficulties in holding to such a philosophy. K talks about three spheres of existence, in which the first is the Aesthetic sphere, where man does not really make choices, but is only a spectator in life, all actions are closer to instinct that choice. The second sphere is Ethical. The Ethical sphere is based on reason and states that ethical choices can always be supported by reason. The third sphere is were the problem begins. This is the Religious sphere, where Christians make a leap of faith to believe things that are clearly ‘irrational’. I understand K’s background and the reason for this perspective, as he was in a protestant country that had grown used to it’s religion, and took the mystery for granted. He saw a lack of faith, and a reliance on reason in the church. He wanted to point out the need for faith. The problem with the leap of faith that K talks about is not the faith, but ‘the leap’. It is a departure from reason, and once it is outside of reason, there is no way to explain or discuss it. Here is the trouble. K did not think that Christianity could be validated or defended through history or science. He saw such activity pointless, as ‘the leap’ is by nature irrational. This perspective has opened the door to the post-modern perspective that values ‘the leap’ but not the final destination of the jump. This is the current situation we have with religious tolerance, and the acceptance of other sects and religions as compatable with Christianity. I have many aquiantances who have told me the the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims is the same, and that we are all brothers. I know this is not true. We share the same God with the Jews, but they have a rather incomplete view in our perspective. As to the claim that Allah and Jehovah are the same, and we are brothers, this is not the teaching of the Koran, nor the Bible. According to the Koran, we are “infidels” and deserve to die. The Bible is pretty clear about the status of Jesus as one of the Godhead, and does not call Him a prophet. Without a rational basis for our faith, there is no way to defend it, nor is there any way to evangelize. We would be in the same situation as everyone else, taking an irrational, wild, crazy leap to believe something for which we have no proof or basis. Thankfully we have the Bible, and is not just a religious book of moral teachings, but a book of science, history, philosophy, and literature. A book to be discussed, defended. In this book is also outlined a plan for Man that answers the questions of classical philosophy. We are above the animals because we are made in God’s image, above machine because we are given a soul. We are imperfect because we have fallen, having made choices in rebellion to God. We are still able to create, build, advance because we are still made in God’s image, but our art is ugly, and our technology misguided because we have fallen.

Reason apart from God leads us to believe that existence is pointless, and that man is the progeny of time and chance. This is the despair of modern man. He looks for the leap of faith, but does not care where he is leaping. Many go the way of the lemming.