I have been a bit fuzzy lately. Not sure why. I am looking at diet, and sleep causes. Heard about USS (Uberman’s Sleep Schedule) from brother Dave’s site and have thought about trying it out. Might be hard with the very hot and humid weather here, as it tends to make you more tired.

I have lost weight since moving over here. I knew that I would. I don’t eat out as much and when I do the servings are more well proportioned to a healthy appetite. I eat much more rice and veggies, and far less beef and dairy. Something about >100 ?F temperatures suppress hunger. So far I have lost about 15 lbs. since our arrival in August. Maybe I will get back to my pre-marriage physique.

3 more weeks till school is out. I am planning a total migration to Windows 2000 this summer. Well maybe not total. All the servers and most of the student computers will be upgraded. I am looking forward to the control it will give us over the desktop and use of student computers.

One of my employees has been asking about the ‘fairness’ of God. He asks why 2 Christians can do all the same good things, and have all the same good attitudes, yet one is blessed finacially and the other suffers. I don’t feel that I can say much, because I am massively blessed campared to him. If I say that he needs to learn to be content with whatever God gives him, it sounds callous and superiour. He asks how much a computer technitian makes in the US, and talks about hearing other missionaries complain about their million ($20,000) peso support levels as if they could not possibly live on less than 1.5 ($30,000) or 2 ($40,000) million.