It seems that even in the business world here, there are cultural issues. All this talk about globalization, but when it comes down to it, culture is king. Here in the Phil, relationships are primary. Even in the business world. Faith is quite a drive from Metro Manila, yet vendors insist on coming out to meet with you to introduce you to their company. Recently account execs from 2 partnered tech companies drove all the way out here (maybe 2+ hours each way) to give me their calling (business) cards. Which brings me to another point. There is etiquite in the transfer of a ‘calling card’. In the US we just whip it out and practically toss them to eachother, or flip it out between our outstretched fore and middle fingers. Very unimpressive. You must have the thumb and fore-finger of each hand in contact with the card until they have recieved it. And you must push it out parallel to the ground, directly in front of you. When you recieve the card you must also use the thumb and fore-finger from each hand, and do not pull away to quickly. This is a ceremony. It is how you say that you respect both the name on the card and the company it represents. This is why you face 4 hours of traffic for a 15 minute transaction. A relationship has been conceived.

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