I have discovered the engine that will drive the next incarnation of www.faith.edu.ph and maybe many more sites that I create in the future. I am pretty impressed. It is easy to use if you are a newbie-ish webmaster, but has the flexibiltiy to do very complex sites. You can write your own modules, templates, etc. I am running it on my box at work (win2K, PHPDev4, ImageMagick 4.2.9), and at home (win98). I don’t recomend running Apache on win98. I have had to restart Apache every 2 hours or so. It is only for development, so I tollerate it. Have only had trouble with the GD libraries. PHP sees them, but somehow Typo3 misses them. I am still looking through the config files to make sure all is set up right.

The thing that I am really impressed by is the Christian zeal of the developer. In all his documentation he makes references to the Bible, and won’t keep quiet about it. The Typo3 site is peppered with blurbs about his church, faith, and how he is only able to produce the software because God has given him the skills. Quite refreshing.

Bethany is 27 today

She does not know it but we will be staying in a very, very nice hotel tonight. It is adjacent to an upscale mall, and we just walk on over into our room. I hope she enjoys it. A good friend donated very generously to the cause. The kids will stay home with Thata. She seems to enjoy watching them. I am putting this up, just as a bit of a risk factor. Will Bethany look at it sometime today? Will it be weeks before she looks at it, and finds that she could have known what her gift would be ahead of time?

Today was In-Service

A bit of the usual “lets focus on teaching” type stuff, and then I led a session on HTML. It is fun to teach adults. We went over because no-one knew when we were supposed to get out, and we were enjoying it so much. This coming week I will be focusing on the Faith site, and getting all the content updated on the new site. There are a few design changes that have to be made as well. The margins in the content area are too small, and I am thinking about implementing columns in some places. Micah Bucy has been helping out, and he took the site home with him during break. I am looking forward to seeing what he got done. Ah, yes. Break. We, our four plus Aunt Amanda and Uncle Matt, went down to Batangas to go to the beach. It was very, very hot. The AC went out on our car, and I have not had it fixed yet, so the drive was rather sweltering. The back left tire also lost some tread and started bulging. Stopped on South Super at Sucat to change it and get gas. The drive led us along the Tagaytay Ridge that overlooks the Taal Valcano basin and lake. Quite beautiful. Eventually we made it too the beach, but the air was not moving. Ate at what turned out to be a very expensive european restaurant, and then rented a room with an AC at a resort for P2500 ($50). The next day we hired a bangka to take us out to do some snorkeling. The snorkeling was fun, but the sights under the sea were nothing spectacular. At about noon we decided to head back, instaed of the original plan of staying another night or two. Still very hot. Stopped in Tagaytay for some fresh fruit (mangosteen, guyabano [soursop], manga [mango], and pina [pineapple]). The drive through Manila was so miserable that we decided to stop at Megamall to cool our heels, let the air cool, and traffic clear up a bit. Felt pretty dirty actually, and a bit embarrassed to be out in public. We ate at Area Cafe, our favorite restaurant, and did some strolling. We did make it home.